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Postby kompamagazine » Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:58 pm

KM got the chance to talk with REGIMUZIK of the group T-VICE. Check out the convo below.


*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Regi, How has your journey with TVICE been so far?
REGIMUZIK: "Morning an unstable industry like the Hmi...i'm in a band that has been consistent for over 2 decades now so...about my journey with them so far, the most relevant and honest thing I can say is that it has been a continuous constructive learning experience.

Now about my expectations...let's just say that I thought there would be a better balance between live performances and studio work. I came to realize that priority was understandably the performances; because of the political situation back home being something that no band can have the luxury to ignore in terms of making moves and releasing new product."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: How did the T-VICE gig/appointment come about? Can you guide us through how you became a T-Vice member? How was the approach whom e.c.t
REGIMUZIK: "Well...long story short it was Roberto who contacted me via instagram asking me for my contacts so we could talk. A few weeks before, I had noticed them liking my songs on soundcloud and my videos on instagram. We then had a few phone conversations and I think you know how this story ended Pat lol. We came to an arrangement and here I am."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: When people make comparisons between you and former vocalist Olivier Duret; is it FAIR or NOT? In your opinion, where do you have the EDGE over him as an artist; and where does he have the edge over you as an artist?
REGIMUZIK: "I honestly don't think its fair to compare us yet as t-vice vocalists. He worked for years with the band on multiple albums and everything; when I only have one year with the band; with no actual tangible material to prove myself yet. Remember that all this hmi experience is brand new for me (mpa rive tou pare). I'm working hard every day to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can to understand the band and the business.

Don't forget that my first shows with the band went without any rehearsals; and all my learning was done on the field. We all know Tvice never stops. Surely...I know I will get there and with all humility I'll ask everyone to wait for the album and judge me after. MEN SIL BON FOM TANDEL TOU WIII AHAH.

Now that being said, I respect Oli's talent and I think he's a great singer; but we have our respective sounds...our originality, and honestly, I never understood how someone could compare two singers. Music is art, and we all know art is one of the most relative subjects ever.

Let's take painting. Would you ever compare Picasso with Van Gogh and come to the conclusion that one is better than the other? I don't think might feel and appreciate one more than the other but both are accomplished and amazing in their own way...stay tuned...."


*KOMPA MAGAZINE: Were you part of 4REAL when the call came from T-VICE or not? If yes; how did 4REAL handle you leaving them to pursue your dreams with T-Vice?
REGIMUZIK: "Well...I don't think it was a surprise for them and don't even think they can be mad at me for doing it. I mean they're cool guys jswagg and Mark. When I left ENPOSIB, MarkG contacted me for a project. I told him I would work with them but that my priority was to finish and release my solo album; but that I was open to the idea of working with them as long as they had a plan that was structured and serious; otherwise it wouldn't cut it for me.

No contract was signed and I was really mad when they released the single "In my dream" without consulting me in advance. I always speak my mind up and I was clear with them on what I was expecting; but nothing came through; then i got the opportunity to move forward so I did. We're not on bad terms at al. We're cool."

*PS: Circumstances beyond our control prevented us the opportunity to finish this go with this for now!

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Postby konpaconvert » Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:18 pm

Franchman I still dont know what to make of Reimuzik and whether or not he'll fit in T-Vice...right now I dont see it bc he seems more solo R&B/Pop than a leader singer of a kompa band...but like he requested I'll wait for the album before I fully judge.
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Postby KingDave » Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:53 pm

Now I know this kid got talent. When I say talent, I mean talent. He plays several instruments, sings well in his own style and all. I'll wait for the album because I am convinced that he can bring pure art into the industry.
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