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70/50 SEPTEN/TABOU Miami Party: PROMOTER on what to expect!

70/50 SEPTEN/TABOU Miami Party: PROMOTER on what to expect!

Postby kompamagazine » Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:29 am

We spoke to the promoter of the upcoming 70/50 SEPTEN/TABOU party in Miami this weekend. This is what LELE told us when we asked him the questions below.

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: HOW and WHAT made you decide to come up with that 70/50 party idea?
LELE: "In short, Rico Pierre-Louis, Septen President contacted me last November to see what can be done for Septen’s 70th. We put a group of folks together. The original idea was to do something with just Septen. I convinced them to do something bigger at a big venue. I look at other matchups and settled with the idea of the 70/50 Double Anniversary."

*KOMPA MAGAZINE: What can you tell us about how the preparations for the party is going, as well as what the fans can expect when they attend on Saturday?
LELE: "We are putting the last touches to provide a spectacular night to the South Florida music lovers. The event will go from 7:00pm to 3:00am starting with cocktail, plated dinner, a musical and artistic interlude, homages to the 2 groups and testimonials for the first segment. And at 11:00 sharp the 2 groups will perform on 2 separate stages alternating one hour each. People have the option to attend the whole celebration or attend the second segment which will start at 11:00. The decor will be on point, the ambience perfect. It’s going to be an epic night not to be missed. Satisfaction guaranteed."

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