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CD OF THE YEAR 2018 Kompa Magazine Award NOMINATIONS!

CD OF THE YEAR 2018 Kompa Magazine Award NOMINATIONS!

Postby kompamagazine » Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:50 pm

WHO will win this one for 2018? A Suivre!

*2017 Winner: HARMONIK "Degaje"
*2016 Winner: GAZZMAN DISIP "Klere Yo"
*2015 Winner: KREYOL LA "Invictus"
*2014 Winner: DJAKOUT #1 "Lod Nan Dezod"
*2013 Winner: KLASS "Fe'l Vini Avan"
*2012 Winner: (We did not do it that year)
*2011 Winner: NU LOOK "Confirmation"
*2010 Winner: CARIMI "Buzz"
*2009 Winner: SHABBA "Pi Piti Pi Red"
*2008 Winner: NU LOOK "Abo"
*2007 Winner: T-VICE "Kite'm Viv"
*2006 Winner: RICHIE "Happy 50"
*2001 Winner: ALAN CAVE "Se Pa Pou Dat"
*2000 Winner: SWEET MICKY "Denye Okasyon"
*1999 Winner: ZENGLEN "5 Dwet/Easy Konpa"
*1998 Winner: T-VICE "Banm TVice Mwen...(Bidi Bidi Banm Banm)"
*1997 Winner: SWEET MICKY "Aloufa"

***CDS that came out from Oct 2018 to December 2018...will be considered for NEXT YEAR as they did not have enough time to have an impact)***


A) DJAKOUT "Nou Pap Domi Deyo"
B) ZENGLEN "No Dead End"
C) KREYOL LA "Domination"
D) VAYB "Game Over"
E) SEPTEN "Yon ti kout Je"
F) KADO "Maturite"
H) KDANS "Lanmou Marem"

Who will win? A SUIVRE!

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