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7 THINGS that I will be observing @ 2019 COMPASFEST!

7 THINGS that I will be observing @ 2019 COMPASFEST!

Postby kompamagazine » Fri May 10, 2019 1:01 pm


It's about that time and the town is starting to get can tell that the HAITIAN COMPAS FESTIVAL is near. Here is a list of 7 THINGS THAT I WILL BE OBSERVING!

1) *KAI vs VAYB: It started at the Orlando Caribbean Festival when it was determined by quite a few people that KAI had a better response from the crowd than their arch rivals VAYB...which in turn led to Kai band leader Richard Cave really making sure that everybody knew about it on his social media. With MICKAEL GUIRAND VAYB being the more accomplished vocalist/frontman of the two, it is almost a "must" that VAYB do better than KAI at Compasfest. It would NOT be a good look if many people determine that KAI RICHARD CAVE did better once again; not only because of Mickael's experience as a front man, his group VAYB also has the NEWER MATERIAL in terms of NEW CD....Kai's "Kriminèl" song is TOO NEW for it to have any sort of impact whatsoever at the festival.

2) *SHABBA/DJAKOUT: How will the chemistry be on stage with Shabba and RORO/POUCHON...and the rest of the guys after the "vacation/suspension"? SHABBA/DJAKOUT "reconciliation" happens this week.....for better or for worse. Will it be a "temporary" truce that will blow up again in a couple of months, or is this the real thing this time around....EPI TOUT BAGAY AP POZE/TEMPO/RELAX?

3) *ZENGLEN: Before the other big dogs come out and represent for 2020 at the festival, ZENGLEN is the group ...along with Vayb, that has a CD "KAP BIEN MACHE" THIS IS THE YEAR that they NEED to make AN IMPACT WITH THEIR CD AT THE FESTIVAL. Next May...the CD will no longer be THE TIME IS NOW. Will ZENGLEN pull out all the stops in terms of stage theatrics and more to make it a memorable performance, or will they just try to get one in to earn that paycheck? A Suivre.

4) *CUBANO: A legend is to be honored at the festival, and a guy of CUBANO's stature simply deserves THE BEST for all that he has done and meant to the Haitian music industry. We can't wait to find out HOW SPECIAL OF AN AFFAIR this tribute will be. Will it be a time restricted affair because of all the bands there; or will it be a VERY SPECIAL TRIBUTE, that of which he is absolutely worthy of; something that many people will be talking about the next couple of days after the festival?

5) *THE CLOSER: In years past, the position of "CLOSER" at the festival was held in such high regard by ALL THE BANDS in the business; but in certain years, some bands have realized that being chosen as "THE CLOSER", can actually mean YOU HAVE 5/10 MINUTES TO DO YOUR THING, and not too many bands have the know-how to do that well besides DJAKOUT and T-VICE. WHO gets chosen this year as "THE CLOSER"? A Suivre!

6) *HARMONIK: The "HOME TEAM" (due to the fact that manager HAMLER RODNEY NOEL is also the co-owner of the festival)...what approach will they take for this edition? Do they spend a lot of money on a huge show, especially that they have a NEW CD that they will be releasing during the same week...being that they are in France due to return next week, will they even have time to rehearse any new songs to play at the festival? Do they play any new songs and risk the crowd NOT yet knowing them? Or is it best to just give a "9 to 5" performance that can still raise the roof; and in the process.....SAVE THE MONEY IN THE HARMONIK BUDGET for the new CD and for the 2020 edition...when MOST PEOPLE WILL KNOW THE SONGS by then? NOUVO PLAK LA AP BIEN CHITA POU COMPASFEST 2020 an? Let's wait and see what happens.

7) *VAYB: THIS IS THE YEAR that THEY HAVE TO BLOW THE ROOF OFF of Compas Festival because CD YO A MU! This is the year that they need to MAKE THEIR MARK and LEAVE THEIR SIGNATURE at the festival. In 2020....other bands will have MORE of the spotlight because of fresher material.

Antouka.....SE LA NOU LA....NAP SUIV! COMPASFEST 2019......Get ready y''s about to go down!

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