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Joined: 11 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I AM READY. Here are my top five.

good luck to all the constetants.

1. FABRICE FOMBRUN: JOU M'A MERITE'L. This is a complete song. Ready to go on anyone's album. The music is nice. The lyrics are amazing. It is not your usual love song. THe writer had a completely different approach, which I loved.

2. ANGELO: COMPETITION. This band really has some mad potential. Gen bon jan konpa nan mizik saa. And the style is different I like the style, not the topic being discussed per se.

3. METOD: JADIN VERITE. This singer's voice is really really nice. The melody of the song is really nice. The first verse has very nince lyrics. I am not quite sure what the verses have to do with the chorus. I was confused about that part. But still I like the song.

4. TI MOUN A ZION: TON REGNE. I am feeling this jazzy, raeggae vibe. I like the concept.

5. Sarah Jane Rameau: THE MISS YOU SONG. I think with the right team this girl can do some damage. It seems like she has talent. I would have loved to hear the rest of this song. But I heard enough to give her my fifth position.
A man who has taken possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled_ Carnegie
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Joined: 03 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tout ayisien kwaze bra yo , yap tann ameriken vinn ranje Ayiti.. hahahahahaha
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Listen all the song I got my top 5 ----> And I thing those one deserve and equally chance to poursue on the Music department (Yo genyen anpil Star potential). I just click on the link

1ST PLACE ------>CED "I Want Your Body"

2ND PLACE ----->BOKANTO "Bouch Mwen Ki Trop Bon"

3RD PLACE ----->HYPNOTIK "Fanm Sa"

4TH PLACE -----> BNICE "In Da Club"

5TH PLACE----->PAOLA "Mwen Inme'w"

If It will be more than 5 ---> Yo ta'p nan list mwen an too: Paske sa'a yo la genyen anpil potential too, mespere ke yo pa'p rete nan muzik lan, epi mespere ke an produkteu, artists,etc ka'p gade sa'a ap ba yo an ti call

DOUBLE J & JAYNAR featuring INNER VIBE "Pa Kriye" ----> Muzik sa se an muzik realite nou an (nou tout pedur moun nan lavi an)
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Joined: 20 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was extremely tough. I narrowed down my choices to a top 10 after sending each song into 3 categories:
1) OUT! Could not listen to again. If sent to office, return to sender.
2) ARCHIVE! If this was sent in a package to my office, I would save it in a folder to listen to again in the future. Good but not special.
3) BRAVO! Really caught my attention at the first try. Played over and over again right then and there. Did not go in the trash or a folder. Stayed on my desk.

My top 10 after all of that (in the order that I heard them):
13. Gues "Leve Wale"
16. K-Mistry "Pou La Vie"
19. Metod "Jardin Verite"
24. Package "Going Out"
25. Paola "Men Inme'w"
26. Perri Pierre "Gratis"
29. Tigger One "Lespri Nou"
30. Ti Moun a Zion " Ton Regne"
31. Tony Poze "Bek Fen"
35. Will DRey feat. Mylah "Puppy Love"

I listened to each one over and over again to see who really stood out the most. Who came with the whole package? Who did it better than the others? And my final top 5 choices in order are:

1st Place: Tigger One "Lespri Nou"
2nd Place: Ti Moun A Zion "Ton Regne"
3rd Place: K-Mistry "Pou La Vie"
4th Place: Metod "Jardin Verite"
5th Place: Gues "Leve Wale"

My Simon Cowell thoughts on each song are below for your reading pleasure. Cool

Andy Sexy & Kloz "Gizele"
Sorry! Nothing about this song stands out for me. Very very elementary. The singing is not impressive and the lyrics are weak. Could not and cannot listen to it over again. One listen and I was done.==OUT!

Angelo "Competition"
I love the voice but I feel like he's playing it safe with the singing. He's not showing his full potential. This topic has been abused so much and nothing in the song makes you say "WOW!" with the music and lyrics. I listened to it twice to see if a second listen would change my first impression and/or I would find something new. Nada!==OUT!

Bnice "In Da Club"
Stick to the Haitian-Creole pelase! The english mixed in with the Haitian-Creole was done poorly. I also was not impressed with the vocals. No soul. Chorus was whack. Arrangement was bad. Typical lyrics; nothing innovative. Dous kou siwomyel? This line has been used and abused in konpa. The reggae rhyme made more sense and had more creativity and impact than the song and artist.==OUT!

Bokanto "Bouch Mwen Ki Trop Bon"
Vocal coach is needed here to teach voice projection. Delivery was horrible. I could not understand what he was saying. It sounded like he had something in his mouth. The music is very nice though. Chorus could have sounded nice, too, but bad delivery. I believe that if this song was given to Jude Jean it could become a hit song. So, Bokanto, work with a vocal coach and reach your potential.==ARCHIVED THEN OUT!

Carl Denard "Mare"
Sounds like an incomplete song. Even if I chose to ignore that fact and focus on the voice, delivery, and lyrics, NOTHING has impressed me. Sorry! Next!==OUT!

Ced "I Want Your Body"
Very hard to stomach that intro. Those drums were way off beat. Arrangement was bad. What the heck? Give this artist and music to Shedley for some work and training. Voice was easy on the ears and rest of music was digestable. Potential is there mostly due to the music and singing. Lyrics aren't all that but it flows with the music.==ARCHIVED

Chillystar "Prophecy"
Lyrics were poorly written. The flow from the first rapper wasn't enough or up to par for me. The second rapper was better but his verse was incomplete. The third rap or rapper was boring. The fourth after the chorus was okay. Great topic and nice (not hot) beat. But with such a difficult topic, more lyrical substance was needed.==OUT!

De-OD "Leve Pye'w"
Issue of delivery here. Pronunciation is horrible. Difficult to make out what he's saying. Music and singing are whack. Sorry! Nice voice but bad singing. Such music needs powerful vocals. In this case the music overshadowed the voice.==OUT!

Detay "Assure'm"
I can do without the talking in the beginning. Music and chorus is nice. Singing is not bad. I like the effort. He was trying to tell a story but he could not express himself properly and resorted to amateur lyrics. The rap did not fit in the song for me. It threw me off. If you're so positive/certain about how great your love is, why are you asking "Assure'm"? LOL The song can pass though.==ARCHIVE

Double J, Jaynar feat. Inner Vibe "Pa Kriye"
The music is really nice. The woy woy woy singing in the beginning was horrible. It really turned me off. I had to re-listen to the song and skip that part. Chorus is equivalent to scratching a chalkboard with your nails. Good song but needs a different singer. The rapper degaje'l. I think such music with that title would do better with strong lyrics; socially conscious lyrics. Dump the singer; change topic.==ARCHIVE

Fabrice Fombrun "Jou Ma Merite'l"
The singing is nice. Emotion is there and the lyrics are touching. Music could have been nicer. Don't get me wrong, it is nice but it feels like it is dragging. I am waiting for that WOW and it never comes. But the song is easy to digest. With some work from a pro, it can do some magic.==ARCHIVE

G-Faro "Tou Pre'w"
Okay. Love the intro. My hopes are high but I guess it's the mixing that does the injustice. The music is very nice. It is fun to listen to. But the vocal delivery is lacking. Lyrics are good and chorus is good. However, there is too much autotune on the voice. I am unable to make out the real voice and judge his true singing abilities.==ARCHIVE

Gues "Leve Wale"
Intro is on point. The singing reminds me of Tantan. I like his singing. It may not be original but I like it. I'm impressed with the first listen and click "Replay." I would love to hear him take more risks with his singing next time. All in all, the chorus and arrangement are nice. Good job!==BRAVO!

Hypnotik "Fanm Sa"
Lyrics killed it for me. The first voice/intro sounds like someone talking. Get rid of it! The second voice that comes in is better off singing in Haitian-Creole. The lyrics and delivery were weak. The artist doesn't sound completely comfortable singing in English. There is also too much talking over the music. The drumming was weak. All vocals were bad for me. Did the guy have a cold? What the heck?! Big ups to the keyboard, however, for being the only thing worthy of listening to in the music.==OUT!

J-Legacy "Chanjman"
This song could have been better with another vocalist added. J-Legacy could have focused on the chorus and had another singer do the verses. The music is good. The vocal style is unique and easy on the ears. However, I must reiterate that the song would have been better with another singer. The screeching sound at the 2:00 minute mark was annoying. Eeks! Remove it! The song could have also been shorter. That last minute was unnecessary.==ARCHIVE

K-Mistry "Pou La Vie"
Lots of potential here. I listened to this song 3 times. Although the singer may have over did it with the vocals in a couple of areas, he did a good job with the delivery. The band sounds like they've been playing together for a while (assuming that it is all the members on this track). They're mature. Very nice song.==BRAVO!

Marc Menard "Viens Chante"
I had to force myself to listen to this song. The first 10 seconds I was like "SKIP!" Oh my goodness! Sounded like a dying wolf. The pronunciation and the singing were flat out horrible!==OUT!

Melodi "Sa Fem Mal"
The music is missing something. It sounds incomplete. So so so so. I do like the chorus and the harmony in the vocals. But I feel like I am being ping ponged on a music table. Vocals are nice. Song is okay.==ARCHIVE

Metod "Jardin Verite"
I like the harmony. The music is nice. Melody, harmony, chemistry is all there. I like the arrangements. I am really feeling this one. The song is simple but it has an impact. It left a good impression on me. I like the ending and the metaphor(s).==BRAVO!

Michelle Thelamour "Source La"
We're exaggerating the vocals a little here. You have a beautiful voice but don't stress the notes so much. The rap part was so so unnecessary. This was an okay song. Sounds like she is getting an orgasm while praying on her knees or laying in bed. In other words, the delivery fits more for R&B. She is making love to "the source." LOL==ARCHIVE

Modern Sound "Instrumental"
Sounds too much like the zouk song "Sere Mwen." But I can hear Ali Angel or Princess Lover on this track easy. I really like. Very commercial.==ARCHIVE

MPJ "Bel Ti Fi A"
Please remove "N" word. Now on to the song. Seems like he was trying too hard to end the rhymes with "A" "A" MPJ was overshadowed by Young Rich in this one. I like the message and all but I am not that impressed yet.==ARCHIVE

Oxygenbox Band "Lonely"
Singing was a little too nasal in some areas. Good song but does not represent Haiti for me. Maybe if he sung the song in Haitian-Creole it would have been better.==ARCHIVE

Package "Going Out"
LOL What was that reggae intro all about? Laughing Please remove it. Anyhow, the song was very fun to listen to. The lyrics were quite amusing. But the music seemed to be all over the place. I really like the singer though. He did a very very good job on the delivery. The guitarist was really good, too.==BRAVO THEN ARCHIVED

Paola "Men Inme'w"
Very nice song. The singing is very good, too. I would have loved to hear her hit a high note though. Paola definitely deserves a shot with professionals. A better song would do her more justice but this song got the basic job done.==BRAVO

Perri Pierre "Gratis"
Hold up! Did he take a Metod Konpa song and put it out there as his own? I hope he had permission to do this. Anywho, the music is impressive as I listen to the first few seconds. I impatiently wait for the vocals. The vocals come and I feel like I was let down. Don't get me wrong now. I was not disappointed by the vocals but I was expecting much more. The singing is good though. The lyrics are average. The words to the chorus could have been stronger. But again the job was done and I am impressed.==ARCHIVED THEN BRAVO!

Rosemay "You're My Baby"
Are there studio effects on her voice? It sounds like a computer is singing. The song was decent but I am so not impressed with the delivery. Sounds like a filler on an album. The singing did not do the song any justice.==OUT!

Sara Jane Rameau "The Miss U Song"
Seems like we have a Haitian Erykah Badu song here. LOL The vocal delivery was weak for me. Not enough music for me to make a good judgement. I would have to hear a different demo to really judge Sara fairly. The couple minutes she presented did not have an impact on me. It is very unfortunate that I must pass on this as a result.==OUT!

Tigger One "Lespri Nou"
I listened to this 3 times. I really liked this one. Lots of talent here. Easy on the ears. Nice message. Flowed easily.==BRAVO!

Ti Moun a Zion "Ton Regne"
I don't even need to break this one down. Very good job! Chapo ba!==BRAVO!

Tony Poze "Bek Fen"
The hook wasn't as catchy as it should have been for such a song. However, both rappers delivered. I really like the beat. A nice message in this song. We went a little off topic for the second verse but got back on track quickly for a wonderful job. Good song!==BRAVO!

Tyroro "Vire Gade'm"
The computer effect killed it for me. I gave it a chance anyway and had to focus hard to look pass that robotic sound. However, the mix and arrangement turned me off again. Bad choice for a demo. I really want to give it a chance. The guitarist did a good job. But I can't help but send it to the inferno.==OUT!

Unit Kreyol La "Konsey Pratik"
A rap of Haitian proverbs huh. The lyrics are on point. The put the quotes together in a very creative manner. The music, however, is not doing it for me. Sounds too much like other rap out there. It lacks originality. But it is good for the youth to listen to.==ARCHIVE

Valery Precilien "Chagrin Lanmou"
The acting was horrible in the beginning. What was that? LOL No emotion. Flat. Sounded too fake. Anyways, the music is nice. The singing is okay. But it lacks the punch to make it stand out above others.==ARCHIVE

Willdrey feat. Mylah "Puppy Love"
I really like the beat. The delivery was on point. But the lyrics were not all that. Will needs to do a better job on the lyrics to the relay this message of "puppy love." This song is very commercial, however, and can do well in the AMI.==BRAVO THEN ARCHIVED

Young Cast "U Can Take Me"
That accent really killed it. Young sounds much better and more in his element when he sang in Haitian-Creole. The music is weak and I can't tell if the potential is really there or not. Nice try but NEXT!==OUT!


I applaud each and every one of the bands/artists who mustered up the strength and courage to submit their work to KompaMagazine for us to judge. Regardless of what the end result may be and no matter what the opinions are, if you truly believe in your heart and soul that you want to pursue music, then go for it. However, I encourage you to take all constructive criticism seriously. Work upon improving yourself so that you can get to where you want to go. Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

--SaSa J.P. Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My top 5 are as follow;

1- SARAH JANE RAMEAU "The Miss U Song"
She has both talent and beauty. With great entourage she can get somewhere. I like her voice very different.

2- ANGELO "Competition"
Straight up Koma Direk. If you’re a kompa lover you have to like this track. The subject is very similar to a lot of songs that have been released but I still love it. Misye gen bon jan vocal. It has a little old school sounds to it. Anpil groove nan mizik la. My favorite song out of them all.

3- VALERY PRECILIEN "Chagrin Lanmou"
A very sad song that captures your attention from the beginning to the end. The singer has a nice voice. This guy reminds me of a young Ti Djo Zenith by the way he sounds and his writing style.

4- TIGGER ONE "Lespri Nou"
A very strong Rap Kreyol song, sounds a little like RockFam but still good. Great lyrics.

5- ANDY SEXY & KLOZ "Gizele"
Bon kompa kap tonbe. This song belongs in any CD out there. If you like groove ou nan bol gress ou ak mizik sa.

Good luck to everybody.
Good initiatives Pat. Never cease to wok and always bringing new ideas to better the HMI.

"En ce moment historique de notre nation, notre mere haiti cherie doit retrouver sa dignite et sa fierte de peuple. Non a l'imoralite." Mirlande Manigat
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konpa rockers

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here are my pics... Cool Cool
My picks are based only on the best vocal...
Choosing 5 out of those 8 were very tough...

1) #25 - PAOLA "Mwen Inme'w"

2) #6 - CED "I Want Your Body"

3) #13 - GUES "Leve Wale"

4) #34 - VALERY PRECILIEN "Chagrin Lanmou"

5) #16 - K-MISTRY "Pou La Vie"

The Honorable Mentions are:

#35 - WILL DREY featuring Mylah "Puppy Love"

#11 - FABRICE FOMBRUM "Jou Ma Merite'l"

#2 - ANGELO "Competition"

Those were my picks...
Good luck...

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:47 pm    Post subject: Re: **NEXT HMI STAR 1: LISTEN TO THE SONGS/ARTISTS & VOT Reply with quote

This contest was really hard. From 36 songs to a top 12, then to a top 9 and finally a top 5 that I kept going over and over again.


1. FABRICE FOMBRUN "Jou Ma Merite'l"
Great song with a smooth and unique style, it sounds pure! Nice lyrics, good vocals. Overall great arrangements on the song. He reminds me a lot of Richard Cave's style.

2. K-MISTRY "Pou La Vie"
Very good zouk song and composition! I love the keyboard solo. The singer has potential. Nice background vocals too.

3. MELODI "Sa Fe'm Mal"
Good music, very nice konpa song. Melodi really got potential as a band!

But I had a hard time between Melodi and K-Mistry for the second spot. I finally gave it K-Mistry because I felt their song was more polished in terms of arrangements and vocals.

4. PAOLA "Mwen Inme'w"
I just love her voice, simply great and beautiful!!! Talented singer with great potential. I love the simplicity of the hook!

5. UNIT KREYOL LA "Konsey Pratik"
Good hip-hop song with a very good flow. I like the topic, good and deep lyrics!

Honorable mention to the next 4:
6. WILL DREY featuring Mylah "Puppy Love"
7. TONY POZE "Bek Fen"
8. VALERY PRECILIEN "Chagrin Lanmou"
9. BNICE "In Da Club"
Yo di djaz sa frekan... Se pa fòt nou. Nou just RESAN!
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It wasn't as easy as I thought but there are some good talents in thi socntest, it wasn't easy picking a TOP 5. It took me a while to listen to all the songs mainly because everytime this particular song comes up, i can't hit the "next" button. That's why I'm choosing this song as my number one song.


I love what the guys did in the intro. Very deep and emotional with the vocals singing along the classic piano. I like how they break down the osng in Two parts, the emotional one and the fun and commercial one. The guitar at the very end with the drums grooving on it is simply "Vibing".... These guys have me out of vocabulary to express ho wmuch i love this song. I'm going to keep a close eye on these guys... I love the promo poster as well. Great Job on that one.


This song gave me the WOAW factor. I like the voice, it's hard not to fall in love with the chorus. Nice voice, i like the style of the song. The type of song that have you pour down a whiskey and think about the one that got away. I think Fabrice is headin gin a good direction with this style, he can easyl fit in the Deplogue show, Gala parties and have some good chill, melo kompa song. I like his chances.


The intro has a nice zouk feel into it. The singer's voice needs a little more work but with a chorus like Mwen Vle renmen'w pou la vi with a great keyboard groove, this song is so enjoyable. This song is very uplifting, i definitely see my self doing the craziest damages on the dancefloor with this keyboard groove. I love the melody, easy to remember and sing along. I like the job they did on this song. Simply gorgeous.


The intro is not the best... The "What...I'm on my way" part had me laughing. But when the song started, the singing is beautiful, i like the sound they use with the instruments. The guitar is Carimi'ish with Steve on the chords. The song got my attention, the lyrics are nice, you can sing along the chorus and if you here this song once, you'll remember most part. Valery did a good job in this song, i love it. I like the subject and you can sing for someone you lost as wel as someone who broke up with you minus the I'm On My Way Intro....the way he said it it's not sad at all, rather funny actually.


This song gives me an adrenaline rush. The beat is sick, the way they use the keyboard sound is just great. I love how they flow in thi song. They make the beat come alive... The only thing i would change is definitely the chorus. The girl voice is not that strong and i don't like how they did it. But the beat and the delivery simply won me over. Nice job...


I was in and out with these ones.

CED: I Want Your Body..... I fell in love with the song the 3 times i first heard it, i love the beat, the keyboard and guitar. After that, i realize the song lack a little puchn, a little edge in the chorus. I love the instrumentation in it,but the chorus needed to be more lively or more sensual. I like the direction he is taking with this song and i give him another song and he'll win many hearts and get the attention of many. I'm hard on CED on this one but with this song, i didn't feel the same energy listening to it over and over.

METOD: JARDIN VERITE.... I fought hard with this one... It was a last minute decision. It's a great song, i like the vocals, i love the beat, the vibe and feeling but just for some reason, i wasn't hooked as i was for the other ones.

SARAH JANE RAMEAU: THE MISS U SONG... I love her voice, i lover her style as well. The only thing, the beat didn't do it for me... It's a nice song but it lacks teh excitement and the listen to it over and over syndrom. But she can do wonders should a good producer give her a shot.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

my vote go to
1- K-Mistry: Pou la vie. I like the transition from to zouk to compas a very nice song those guys have potential the only thing is the singer i do not really feel his voice but the chorus is very good and i really like the keyboard

2- Ceda;I want your Body very nice song but there is something missing

3-Melodi: Sa fe'm mal .i really like the intro i have to keep a close eyes on those guys they did a good job

4-Metod: Jardin Verite This is a good song i like the beat and the vocals

5-Tony poze: bek Fen The beat is very nice the only thing i don't like is the girl voice
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have chosen my TOP 5 based on the following criteria:

Vocal Strength
Lyrical Strength
Creative Approach
Musical composition
Sequence prowness

Each criterion weighted 5 points. Therefore, 7 criteria = 35 points total.

1. FABRICE FOMBRUM (31 out 35 points)
2. MELODI "Sa Fe'm Mal" (30 out 35 points)
3. Angelo (28 out 35 points)
4. MPJ "Bel Ti Fi A" (27 out of 35 points)
5. METOD "Jardin Verite" (26 out of 35 points)

Comments on each as I listened:

Wow!! Kinda reminds me of Alan Cave/Zekle combined! Very nice composition! The topic is unique. Nice vocals!!

MELODI "Sa Fe'm Mal"
The song of this band fits perfectly! Very nice track! So far two of out two tracks that I like from this upcoming band!!

Konpa direk devan. I like the vocals! The animations are simple, yet on point. The mix could have been better

MPJ "Bel Ti Fi A"
Nice Mix!! I like the lyrics. Nice twist!

METOD "Jardin Verite" The track is awesome! They lyrics are not unique, but everything else is great!! Nice Work!!

Lots of groove. The melody is awesome. The vocal is steady and poised. The mix is not great

TI MOUN A ZION "Ton Regne"
no pictures??? That will hurt their chances for sure!! That's so far the only religious on this list. I like it! The voice is very strong!

Very consistent track from beginning to end. From the mix, lyrics, vocals, sequence and melody, it's very solid!! The only thing is, the song is too long!!!!!

PAOLA "Mwen Inme'w"
I love her voice! The song is well produced and it goes well with her.

K-MISTRY Very nice mix!!!!!!! Bel vokal, bel sequence. The lyrics are all right. The topic is somewhat unique. The melody is nice. Things kinda went of out control at the 4 minute mark. It's too long. The fem danse part doesn't sit too well with the melody

She has a strong voice! I love it!!!

Nice composition! I love it! The vocals are strong and clean!! But it really doesn't illustrate his vocal range! That's important in a competition.

WILL DREY featuring Mylah "Puppy Love"
Hot track! Me like!! This one will do well in the AMI, just like it is!

TONY POZE "Bek Fen" Strong voice. Nice diction. The beat is nice!!!

What a track man!! This competion is getting fierce!!

I'm feeling the vibe on this song Eryka Badu style!! She is riding the beat nicely man!! The song is short though. That might hurt her chances

TIGGER ONE "Lespri Nou"
Nice hip hop creole song! It's not unique! It's just well produced!

J-LEGACY This track is above average.
Very nice track. But it's not fiery..competition wise. The autotune is very apparent on his voice

Very nice melody! I'm loving the lyrics…Gratis: Very creative. He has a very strong voice!! The sequence could have been fuller!!

All I can say, the females have very strong voices! She sounds like she could fit very nice in Zin. The song has a retro feeling to it! Me like!

YOUNG CAST "U Can Take Me"
The track is hot man!!

Carl Denard
Love the lyrics. The vocal is very unique. The melody is awesome. The backing of this song is not great. This song really didn't need to be 5 minutes. The end is all over the place

TYRORO "Vire Gade'm"
The mix is bad and that definitely affects the perception of his voice!

This is a good rap kreyol track. The lyrics are tight!!!! I love it! Imagine if this song was sequenced and mixed the right way!

PACKAGE "Going Out" The beginning sucks!! But I like the rest! Please take the rap out!!

UNIT KREYOL LA "Konsey Pratik"
the beginning sounds like I've heard it before. That's a minus in my book.

Marc Menard
The background vocals are nice! The french diction needs some work. It's a nice track.

MODERNSOUND "Instrumental"
I'm loving that beat!!

G-FARO I think this guy came out as F-Sharp before??? But anyway, this one is great groove wise. Very danceable!

The track is ok, but it doesn't stand out at all. Just an average composition

I like the way the track starts. The beat is nice, but that's all. Vocals need work

Another average track! Nothing really stands out! They might be talented, but they can't compete with that track

kloz gizele Very nice mix. Nice vocals. Don't like the animations

Chillystar This is a weak Hip Hop kreyol track. The only I like are the words

Bnice The Auto didn't really fit his voice. It stood out too much. The song is very danceable!

Bokanto This song is too monotone. The vocal is raw thought
"I think I have managed to pay respect to some of my childhood heroes but my most important work is always ahead of me."

-Fabrice Rouzier
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