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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:04 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

jeancelestin wrote:
DONCUE_69 wrote:
i knew sarah jane would be in the top 3, she would be a shoo in, if her song was longer

maestro fabrice depoze.....cant wait for the next 11 judges
i have a feeling superstar maker ya is one of them
Very Happy

ou aveg frem
ou pa we sipesta maker la gentan depoze fre Cool Smile

lem tap postel la li pa kot la Laughing
maestro wa got my first 2 picks, kisa poum dinn anko Very Happy
bon bagay net, richie is on point when he said, " its the next hmi stars and not the hmi song" GOOD JOB PAT mwen dako ou retire advice richie yo, taleu lot moun al pran yo epi kopye li
Very Happy
klass it is bebi

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:05 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

This is getting serious now.

I would like to show my appreciation for the Fabrice and Richie's comments.

I can see where they are coming from with their reviews.

We are listeners and we have a different way to feel music.

They are the ACCOMPLISHED MUSICIANS and the remarks are on point.

I love what Richie said, it's not the next BEST HMI SONG, but the ARTIST.

Pat, you are making HISTORY TANDE, WA DI M TE DI W SA.


I'm looking forward to read the other comments from the other artists and maestros.


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katalog vil la

Joined: 05 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:22 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

Pat, mwen renmen sakap fet la wi.....pou mwen se pi gro bagay mwen we ki fet nan HMI la.....epi 2 gro tonton jij sa yo ki se Fabrice ak Richie yo byen bay pwen yo.....mwen dako ake yo 100%.....Pat, kontinye fe bon travay wap fe a tnade lap bon pou biznis mizik la!

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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:27 pm† †Post subject: JEAN MAX VALCOURT PICKS HIS NEXT HMI STARS! Reply with quote

JEAN MAX VALCOURT has made quite a name for himself in the business. HMI musicians and fans alike know about his talent as a studio producer and band leader. DOLA/DOLA MIZIK's maestro gives us his picks

1rst place... FABRICE FOMBRUM... jou ma merite'l

To me that's a well deserved first place... You can find professionalism through this piece of work... The artist sings with a lot of emotions, you could feel at a certain time that he's retrieving himself in the music like it's part of his life story... Melody very simple and professionally executed... His tune is on point... I personally commend the artist for participating in this contest with a slow track at a time where our industry is influenced mostly by Konpa Music and Rap Kreyol... The track was also well produced...Kudos

2nd place...TI MOUN A ZION... Ton Regne

When the song started I told myself " It's another reggae track" And It was until the Intro ended that I found myself listening to a konpa yet with a different approach... Creativity, a big plus in any contest... They worked on a very good production... There is nothing wrong you can say about a track like this... Lead Singer sound very confident and comfortable... background ok, I'm not too crazy about... But the overall job is awesome

3rd place GUES Leve Wale....

Since I'm not really sure about the contest rules, It was kinda difficult for me to vote for Sarah Jane Rameau, although she was on top among the 3 artists on my third place picks... Gues wins over her because there was nothing Haitian on the track she presented both music and lyrics. From what I understnad the contest title says HMI stars( hope I'm wrong, lol)... I choose Gues because of the artist's singing skills, very talented dude, not too crazy about the track cause it sound like another random Konpa song, and the singer crossed Tantann's LAKOL path from time to time... but the lines he took, the phrasings and tune are quite tight and on point...


My general statement...

This is an awesome movement, and I want to personally congratulate Patrick Devarieux and thank him for this encouraging and promising alternative....

It was difficult for me to pick the winners because I got so emotional for a moment to realize so many young talents we have in our industry... Yes many of them need a little coaching but this is so minor compared to the tons of efforts they gave. I also realized the absence of a coach through many of these artists singing. The best way for a singer to deliver is with the help of a singing coach. Michael Jackson wouldn't sing in a studio without a coach during his whole career. Couple of artists I personally think have a bright future are...

*BOKANTO ...nice vocal, like your style just be a little more articulate...

*CARL DENARD... has a lot of potential, you need to choose the right notes that fits you in your melody

*CED..... that's my boy, but your track to me was another random konpa track... good, but nothing different about it... vocal is also good

*DE-OD... He was one of my 3rd place picks.... Like I said I just love when an artist is trying to bring something different in the music... but I think the vocal part needs a little coaching as well

*MELODY- METOD- K-MISTRY... Both 3 groups did a marvelous job with their konpa tracks... Very good, songs but there was nothing different from what is already out there in terms of both singing and and production... Don't get me wrong these are very commercial, catchy tracks.

*PAOLA... I was kinda expecting more from her knowing what she's capable of in terms of singing... Tune was missing just a little in a few parts... but the track is quite catchy and different though... "M'rinmin'w... HM HM HM"... Paola nice.

*PERRI PIERRE... Perri, I personally think you could've use a more recent track than this one... because I KNOW you have improved a lot more than that... Very talented singer..

*YOUNG CAST... I believe you can do a lot better... Talented singer...

My 3 best advices to all upcoming Haitian artists... Please do your best not to depend on the Auto-Tune. You are singers so SINGING right should be your number ONE goal. Work hard on your vocals. So far our industry has improved a lot in terms of vocals, so try to do better. Please be creative. Originality is what's going to help you make it.


*TI MOUN A ZION (15 Points)
*GUES (10 Points)
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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Joined: 13 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:39 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

Good point, MAXIMUM! Next HMI star, i think you are right on that
Keep them coming, please
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:41 pm† †Post subject: RICHARD CAVE OF CARIMI PICKS HIS NEXT HMI STAR Reply with quote

RICHARD CAVE as the maestro of CARIMI is enjoying one of the most successful periods of his musical career. A studio producer whiz, with a knack of delivering club bangers and radio hits. Many of you must not forget that he was also at the heart of King Posse's success back in the days.

RICHARD CAVE's picks are below, along with an excellent breakdown for all the contestants.

Patrick I spent the entire day listening to the tracks at least 2 times . I wanted to tell these singers what i really feel.

*1) ANDY SEXY & KLOZ "Gizele" :

Positive: 1 )He is singing on key. 2)Obviously This guy had a good production team ( chorus, guitars,) they are on point(great job, good recording)

Negative: The lyrics are weak. I think that we all heard the " the cheri pa kitem ale" it's time to move on.

*2) ANGELO - Competition

Positive 1) This guy is singing on key

Negative: 2) It's important to work on having something unique. This guy fail to realize that is voice is more important than a keyboard Solo . At this point we need to hear your voice and definitely the lyrics need some work. Gen plis groov ke chante lan mizik sa

*3 B nice "IN DA CLUB"

positive : Good production....modern i like . Somebody likes li 'l wayne ....lol

Negative: The singer put some auto tune in his voice so it's tough for me to listen to his real voice, but i think he can sing. Also , there are too many featurings . I don't know who is the singer. That lyric" TI TATOU KI SOU TETE LI" is a little tough to swallow. I think there are other ways to say that.

*4) Bokanto

Positive : very good production....this guys has a great voice....very good. MANNNNN i like those melodies. You got my vote. Nice song.

Negative: The only thing i can tell this guy is that he has to articulate . I can't really understand what he is saying, so , it's tough for me to understand the lyrics

*5) CARL DENARD "Mare"

I think this production could've been better, but we are not there to judge only productions. I think the song itself lacks direction. The singing could be better. I can't understand what you are saying therefore i can't tell you what i think about the lyrics. I think you rushed this one. You can do a better job.

*6) CED "I Want Your Body"

Positive : This guys has potential has a singer. . you have some good hook. KONEN PA BEZWEN KONEN"

Negative : Production could have been better.For some reason i feel that there is two singers singing that song.The drums are not tight. I think the lyrics could have been better.

*7) CHILLYSTAR "Prophecy"

Positive : Good beat....there is one rapper that i like but i don't know wich one it is. I think it's the 3rd guy

Negative : The hook is killing the song. The fact that somebody is off key is making it tough to digest the song.

*8 )DE-OD "Leve Pye'w"
There are too many things going on in that production.... keyboards are playing really loud. It's really tough to appreciate the song. I think the singer can sing but he doesn't articulate, and by the way i realize that he is a fan of Patrick st eloi's. But it's important to create your sound.

*9) DETAY "Assure'm"

Positive : Good Production...great vocal. Choruses are good. They went to the studio to to do some good recording. Bel ti kompa

negative : The song is lacking some originality . The lyrics can be better. You don't need to use rhymes every single time to show people you can write. "Karesse nou se syromyel" Lanmou'n bel tankou Lakansyel.

*10) DOUBLE J & JAYNAR featuring INNER VIBE "Pa Kriye"

Positive: I LIKE THAT PRODUCTION. I like the hook. Choruses are well done. You guys had a great idea about the lyrics. They are simple but good.

Negative : the guitar is a little annoying when the guys are rapping in the first verse. I probably think that the guitar solo doesn't have a purpose here but then again that's my opinion.

*11) FABRICE FOMBRUM "Jou Ma Merite'l"

POSITIVE : MAN NICE BEGINNING....i like that production ( reminds me of the 80"s begining 90's) lyrics are not bad.

Negative : I think for some reason the song never took off. He is singing on key, but he needs to push his vocal more. I think he is trying to be sensual but there are some parts that he has to show us his vocal ability.

*12) G-FARO "Tou Pre'w"

Positive : I like the production...Modern...nice. bel ti mizik

Negative: I think too much use of the auto tune . It reminds me of a zin song. Lyrics needs some work.

*13) GUES "Leve Wale"

Positive: There are some good musicians in this production. There is somebody that reminds me of TANTAN but he sings really well.

Negative: The songs lacks originality. It's a good song . By the way i know that you guys were trying to use special effects with the "clap hand" but the problem is sometimes it's better to use one that is already sampled instead of clapping your hands in front of the mic. It will sound better

*14) HYPNOTIK "Fanm Sa"

I think this Production needs some work. The drums are not tight, the guitars are everywhere . I feel like the song is not finished. By the way i see one person in the picture, but i feel like i'm hearing 2 voices.There is one voice that is not bad at all. The music is stagnant ...li pa monte li pa desan....you need to change that.

*15) J-LEGACY "Chanjman"

Positive: This production is not bad, the song also. It reminds me of 90 's with that hand clap

Negative : I think you're lyrics needs more weight. Don't forget your message is about your country. You have to use the right words. It's not by saying the name "HAITI" 3 times that is going to make a difference.

*16) K-MISTRY "Pou La Vie"

Positive : The first vocals of the Chorus are nice. the production itself is not too bad. I see that you guys went to the studio..Thank you.

Negative : By the way the way some vocals are better than others....obviously there is more than one singer. Guys again you are stressing on SOLO keyboards more than the song itself. Also try to write more instead of using zopodopo....very important

*17) MARC MENARD "Viens Chante"

I will tell anyone that is going to sing in french to make sure that your pronunciation is good.It is a big decision, IF you want your song to play in a different market. I remenber that i had a tough time singing in the studio with TINA. The french could not understand what i was saying . I had to sing it at least 4 time before i got it right. Besides that i think the song is not finish. the lyrics need some work.

*18 ) MELODI
Positive: nice intro definitely .....important they are singing on key. There is one singer that has more soul than the other. nice arrangement. Somebody in this band love kompa kreyol .lol. bel solo ...bel gROOV

negatif : there are some things that are difficult to understand : "lyrics"... "SI LANMOU GEN AMPIL IMPORTANCE LAN 2 3 JOU MANZEL KA FEL POU WOU" ....that doesn't make sense .... or may be you were trying to say something but it's difficult to understand.2) Ti mizik la trop bel pou guita a dezakorde ...make sure you fix it....The production is too good.

*19) Method:
Positive: nice ...i like the piano of the intro....these guys are singing really well.....this song got me since the begining. ...bel filing. i can see myself dancing to this.

negative: i think for a song like this you could have better lyrics....cause this song has potential.

*20)Michelle thelamour

positive : this production is good..she is on key....i like the rapper. too bad he didn't do more

negative: i know that you are trying to sound sexxy...but in the beginning i hear your breathing more than your singing.

*21)Modern sound

positive : this guy had a lot of fun working with different sound. i hear (esx sounds...and nexus) the good thing this song can work in the cap vert market.

negative: I think it's a little too long...

*22) MPJ

Positive : the production is good . i like the guitar in the background it keeps the tension....love it. the message is good . like the TLC song waterfall

negative : lyrics could be better..... some of the dubs are not on point. The voices are too loud compared to the music

*23) Oxygenbox

positive: this guy has an interesting voice..... i can feel that he is the one who wrote the song. There is sooo much energy.

negative : When you do a song that is from a different country make sure that your execution is right. Because they do it better than you.


Positive: Singing on key.

negative: i don't get the intro.... this song needs a better producer. You are saying the same thing in the lyrics.

*25) paola:

positive : this girl has a nice voice.....i know that she can do better. she has a smooth voice.

negative: the song never took off.... ..

i think you can do better . you didn't put time on this one. You are talking about haiti than you go to new york ...Chinese food. the lyrics are everywhere. i don't want to be harsh but you need to know that you need to put more work on your song

*27) Rosemay

positive : Nice groove....production is ok. It reminds me of the old Zin...lol.

negative : there is too much auto tune ...i have to hear your voice potential....the lyrics can be better.

*2Cool Sarah jane Rameau

positive: niiiiiiiice ....i like the producers.(these guys definitely grew up in the 80's) ..you have a nice voice...happy to discover some new talent.

negative : the only thing is the end that i would change....but even here i have to say i like it.

*29) Tiger one

positive: sending a good message....some lyrics are really good. i'm bouncing my head....

negative: the beat is little old.... i think it could be better...

*30) Ti moun azion

positive : i like what i'm listening...this producer tried something different. the singers are on key...bel ti mizik. I actually i like the voice of one of these guys.....these guys listen to cornell. bon bagay

negative : the mix could better .....the music is toooo loud .


positive : the production is great... the rappers sounds good.....again some lyrics are really good

negative: the chorus is killing the song....the woman singing the chorus doesn't sound great.


Positive : the production is ok......i like the solo sound

negative : the mix is not that great . I don't know if you were trying to put an effect on the voice but i can't hear the lead really well. Next time it's important to work on that.

Positive : i like the intro ....beat is very aggressive......some lyrics are nice.

negative : if you guys are talking in kreyol, try not to use american word like "redemption"....."redemption is not a kreyol word.

34)Valery precilien
Valery that intro is tooo long ..You can do that if you are doing a video. It's difficult to get people attention for that long. This song could have been better if you paid more attention to the lyrics.... i like the keyboard solo.... that i can tell you. There is too many hook on that song.

*35) will drey

This song is nice but a little close T I ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQJACVmankY&feature=fvsr) I THINK THAT THE GIRL HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND YOU CAN DO A GOOD SONG WITH THAT ONE.

*36) young cast

I think the production needs a lot of work...... the hook is tooo long .i can't even remember it.....the lyrics needs some work. By the way if you are singing in english . Make sure that everybody can understand you. I had a tough time following you.



2) BOKANTO (15 Points)

3) TI MOUN A ZION (10 Points)

MORE Celebrity HMI Judges coming.
Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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Rj production

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:14 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

i'm loving this great job Pat
jou revolisyon konsyans sa yap resi we kisa nou ye
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:36 pm† †Post subject: Reply with quote

WOW!!!! Very interesting to read!!!

It's kinda funny that I didn't notice some of the stuff they said when I was listening to the songs.

For example when Richie and Richard Cave said that Fabrice Fombrun's song never took off. Thinking about the song now, it's so true!

And Fabrice is so right!!!! Many of the songs dont have a hook!

Razz Razz Razz

Bagay sa bon anpil!!!!
Yo di djaz sa frekan... Se pa fÚt nou. Nou just RESAN!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:49 pm† †Post subject: TI MICHEL OF TROPIDISC PICKS HIS NEXT HMI STAR! Reply with quote

MICHEL JEAN BAPTISTE of TROPIDISC is one of the HMI executive producers of the moment with a catalogue of cds ranging from Djakout, Tabou, Tantan, Dola, Daan Junior, 509, Zenglen, Krezi and more.

TI MICHEL's picks are.....

My top choices are:

*1) Melodi; Sound different that what is being played on the market. The band seems to have what it takes.

*2) K-Mistry. Very commercial track. wants to make you dance. Nice mixture of kompa and zouk.

*3) B-Nice. Have what I think can go beyond our normal market.

Michel Jean-Baptiste
Tropidisc Recording

8 More celebrity judges to go.

1) MELODI (20 Points)
2) K-MISTRY (15 Points)
3) BNICE (10 Points)

Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:09 pm† †Post subject: GERALD KEBREAU'S NEXT HMI STAR PICKS Reply with quote

JAZZY "G" as he is known, not only has been T-Vice's long time bass player, he is also known and well respected in the business for his craft/musical chops. Gerald also plays with non-HMI bands sometimes when he has a break from TVice. A solid veteran whose earned his respect in the game.


Here are my picks in order of best to 3rd. Please see comments for each pick.

Fabrice Fombrun "Jou ma meritel" (20 Points)
Melodi "Sa fem mal" (15 Points)
Detay "Assure m' (10 Points)"


I think Fabrice Fombrun has a solid and strong voice. What impressed me the most was his ability to sing the song well, and put a unique style to it without overdoing it. I was also impressed with the arrangements on the song itself although I admit its not your "typical kompa" song. Having said that, I think if he is put in a kompa/new generation setting he will do very well vocally.

I had a bit of a difficult time choosing numbers 2 and 3 because I thought they were both very original and different kompa styles and I liked them both. What won me over with Melodi were 3 things: 1 I love the lead and background vocals, 2 as a bass player myself, I was very impressed with the skill level of the bass track on that particular song, and 3 its interesting how they showed musicianship in their ability to make the first half danceable and easy to listen to then turn the second half into a very commercial song while keeping everything steady. With the right producer/promoter, these guys could be real players in the HMI.

Detay came in third for me because when I compared the arrangements to Melodi's song, I felt like certain parts were empty. However, they still get my vote because I love me some hard kompa. The second half of that song screams kompa licks, "gouyad", and the potential for "nasty" grooves making people scream. They remind me of System Band at their peek, as well as Nu Look. They need to pay a bit more attention to how they approach the industry and also be versatile as this business now requires a bit of that.

I would also like to make comments about 2 other artists that really caught my attention. The first is Sarah Jane Rameau "The miss u song". I think vocally she was the best of them also. But she did not get my vote because she sang an R&B song and I didn't think it was fair to add her to the mix. Having said that, I hope this girl gets the appropriate surrounding because her singing skills on this recording blew the roof. I wish her lots of luck and given the opportunity, would love to work with her.

The other artist is Tigger One "Lespri nou". I have never been big on Rap and hip hop, but when I hear something that makes my head bop, it's gotta be good. I'm no guru on the matter but I liked the flow, the beat works for me a lot, and most impressively, in both french and english I understood EVERYTHING! Great message and it's too bad I can't give a 4th vote because Tigger One would have it.

Gerald Kebreau

Phone: (646) 529-5735
E-Mail: Kompamagazine@gmail.com

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